Tingsha Cymbals

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Made of thick 100% brass, these Cymbals produce a gorgeously clear.

Medium: Diameter 7cm | Height 2cm
Large: Diameter 7.5cm | Height 2cm

Decorative elements may vary, photos are for reference.

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The Tingsha are traditional instruments used in Buddhist practice. Perfect for signalling the beginning or end of a therapeutic session. Multiple pairs of Tingsha can be played together to weave an exquisite sonic tapestry.

To play Tingsha, hold them by the string so that they hang near one another, then gently lower one onto the other and allow it to slide off.
You can adjust how quickly they connect to give a stronger sound.

Sound healing

Access a state of relaxation and mindfulness with our gorgeous Himalayan healing instruments.
Sound therapy is built on the idea that our brains and bodies operate on various specific frequencies in order to grow, consolidate information, and heal.

Watch this instrument in action below

We can create sound vibrations at similar frequencies to those our brains use to encourage those beneficial states of being. Similar to meditation, we are trying to teach our brains to access those healing frequencies using a traditional and authentic method.

Some of the benefits of sound therapy include:
Improved mood
Better sleep
Reduced stress and anxiety
Easier access to meditative states

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