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  • Sale! The Ashi is a handmade bucket-shaped basket

    Ashi Baskets: Colour of Your Choice

    AU $27.50AU $38.50

    Bright and beautiful! Great for plant pots.

    Medium: 28-32cm wide x 30-32cm high
    Large: 35-40cm wide x 30-35cm high

  • Sale! afircan pot basket

    Bolga Pot Basket – Natural

    AU $44.00AU $420.00

    The stylish and classic natural Pot basket
    Decorative and functional – Our Pot baskets are some of our classiest and finest woven baskets

    Top diameter:
    Bottom diameter: 45cm
    Height: 25cm
    (please note: Each basket may vary slightly)

  • Sale! Vegan Natural Oval BasketVegan Natural Oval Basket

    Vegan Natural Oval Basket

    AU $33.50AU $292.50

    Our beautiful Vegan Oval Natural Baskets are well suited to narrow spots where space is at a premium. These are great to use for storage next to the couch, in the hall, or in the bathroom.

    Length: 40-44cm  //  Width : 20-25cm

    Height : 26-28cm

    (These baskets are handmade, so dimensions may vary.

  • vegan african basket

    Uba Baskets: Natural

    AU $20.00

    The Uba basket is similar to a round basket, but has no handles. Great as a coffee or dining table storage accessory.

    Small 24-29cm
    Medium: 29-36cm
    Large: 36-42cm
    XL: 42-48cm

    Country of Origin: Ghana
    Material: Elephant Grass

  • Sale! Lightweight and portable moses baby baskets

    Moses Baby Carry Basket Natural

    Original price was: AU $199.00.Current price is: AU $99.50.

    A simple and classic staple for baby

    Our Moses baskets are equipped with durable leather handles and handwoven by our talented team of artists in Ghana, West Africa. Sustainable and eco-friendly, these baskets are the perfect home for baby.

    Length : 80cm  //  Width : 30cm

    Height : 40cm (height excludes handles)

  • Sale!

    Uba Baskets: Colour of your choice

    AU $37.50AU $345.00

    The Uba basket is a similar to a round basket but larger and with no handles. Great as a coffee table or dining table storage accessory. Hand-woven from the elephant grass which grows in the rich flood plains of the White Volta near the village of Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana. Fully malleable and easy to reshape,…

  • Sale! african bolga basketVegan Small Round Baskets - Natural

    Vegan Round Baskets – Natural

    AU $23.50AU $215.00

    Simple, classic, elegant. Perfect for trips to the market, or just looking pretty around the home.


  • Sale! Frafra burkina platterBurkina faso platter - natural

    Burkina Platters

    Original price was: AU $30.00.Current price is: AU $9.90.

    Beautiful handwoven African flat plates made by the Mossi Women of Burkina Faso. Each platter has been individually handwoven from local Raffia straw.

  • Sale! African hamper basketHamper bolga baskets handmade in Ghana

    Hamper Basket – Natural

    AU $70.00AU $252.00

    Dressed in their finest birthday suit
    Available as a set, or as a single basket.
    Diameter: 48cm (Large), 43cm (Medium), 38cm (Small)
    Height: 27.5cm (Large), 27cm (Medium), 21cm (Small)

  • Sale! Vegan bolga fanswoven fan

    Vegan Bolga Fans – Blue

    AU $13.00AU $105.00

    Blue fans in a range of patterns.
    These Bolga fans are hand-woven from Elephant Grass in the northern Ghana township of Bolgatanga. They are super stylish and practical! These fans really work wonders, and look great too. Take the edge off the heat at events or at the beach with sustainable, natural materials.
    Country of Origin: Ghana

    Material: Elephant Grass.
    Dimensions (LxW): Approx. 35cm x 30cm

  • Sale! Basket for pot plantAfrican pot plant basket

    Planter Baskets – Natural

    AU $26.00AU $230.00

    Our fabulous planter basket in natural colour. Image is indicative only, each basket is natural and unique so some variation in colour will occur.

    Diameter: 30cm approx | Height: 24cm approx.

  • Sale! woven african aku basketafrican vegan basket

    Aku Basket – Colour of your choice

    Original price was: AU $88.00.Current price is: AU $44.00.

    See gallery for colour palate. Colours include naturals, blues, greens, and oranges in varying patterns.