Bolga colour & size guide

Each of our Bolga baskets is handmade with a unique design. You can specify your choice of dominant colour and we will do our best to match. You can request your preferred colours from the below options:

Your basket may feature other colours, however the majority of colours will match your colour preference. Natural is not considered a colour and can often be the backdrop to another colour basket.

You can also choose the exact basket you’ll be getting by purchasing a basket with a name – these baskets are listed outside of the colour of your choice and bulk order categories.

Basket Sizes

All of our baskets are unique, handmade designs by our weavers, with variations in size. To help you choose a basket, we arranged them in groups based on a size range.
You can find the group dimensions for each basket noted in their product description.
Individually named basket will have their exact dimensions noted in their product description.

The round baskets come in four sizes:

Small: Diameter of 18cm – 28cm
Medium: Diameter of 29cm – 35cm
Large: Diameter of 36cm – 42cm
Extra large: Diameter of 42.5cm and over

African baskets - small, medium, large, extra large
African basket - small medium large and extrea large size