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Our vision is to increase exposure for West African artists in the global market. Working with the same artisans & weavers since 1997, we believe in supporting and respecting the artists we buy from and trading at local and fair market prices. We get to know each artist and supplier personally, establishing rapport and learning about the pieces they create before purchasing.

Bolga Baskets, Masks, Statues, Artefacts, Bags, Textiles, Jewellery, Art, Stools and Paintings – every piece is hand crafted, original, and tells a story about the everyday and the extraordinary, teaching us about the history and culture of the region.

Through our growing international network, we hope Bashiri’s presence will strengthen the appreciation and preservation of West African’s truly amazing culture

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Meet Our Weavers

Elizabeth Akrogo Ayeti

“I was taught how to weave hats by my father. He only knew how to weave hats.”
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Nuhu Alidu

“Basket weaving is not part of my family’s tradition. None of my parents knew how to weave. I was taught by my elder brother”
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Anampoka Aselissia

“My elder siblings taught me how to weave. They used to weave hats when I was little”
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