The Bolga Story

Our Story

Our Bolga Baskets are personally acquired by our Director Simon in the satellite villages of Bolgatanga in northern Ghana.

We have been working with the same weavers since 1997 and have established a successful ongoing partnership that employs over 30 locals and their families.

We believe in supporting and respecting the artists we buy from, collaborating at local and fair market rates. We get to know each artist and supplier personally, establishing rapport and learning about the pieces they create before acquiring it.

As we trade directly with the artisans, there is not a certificate per se, even though the trade conditions match those of certified programs.

How Bolga items are made

All our baskets are hand made by our  weavers in Ghana. The art of basket weaving is a familial craft, handed down from one generation to the next.

The raw material is elephant grass, a 100% sustainable material which grows in the flood plans around Bolgatanga in northern Ghana.

The grass is harvested, dried and finally boiled to dye. The weavers split each length into two,  and then roll it to give it more strength.

Each weaver has their own special techniques.

Baskets may take 3 days to one week to make depending on the size, design and intricacy of the patterns. We are in awe of the artists that weave these unique baskets and love the relationships we have established with them.