Moses Baby Carry Basket Natural

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A simple and classic staple for baby

Our Moses baskets are equipped with durable leather handles and handwoven by our talented team of artists in Ghana, West Africa. Sustainable and eco-friendly, these baskets are the perfect home for baby.

Length : 80cm  //  Width : 30cm

Height : 40cm (height excludes handles)


Basket Details

Soft and snuggly for baby, our Moses Baby Carry Baskets are hand-woven from Ghana's sustainable elephant grass.

Country of Origin: Ghana
Material: Elephant Grass, Leather
Do you have Moses baskets available in colours or patterns?
We sure do! If you’d like to choose a specific design of baby baskets, check out our one-of-a-kind
Moses carry baskets.
Every baby carry basket with an individual name has been carefully selected​. When you order from the range of individual baskets, the exact unique basket you choose will be sent to you.
Do you have other baby baskets available? 
Yes we do, we have a range of baby changing baskets available with leather handles and a range of vegan friendly change baskets.
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Do you have other kids baskets?
Yes, our
mini shopper and small round baskets are a cute mini version of our larger Bolga baskets, and are a perfect size for children.
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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm



Colour of Handles



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