Dogon doors from Mali

The Dogon people of Central Mali are best known for their religious traditions, wood work and architecture. Due to the spiritual intent behind their craft, it has remained one of the most authentic in Africa.

Dogon doors are intricately carved masterpieces from one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world. Traditionally used as granary closures, the doors feature glyphs that tell many stories, from spiritual appeals to the good life, depictions of the original human tribe, and tokens of prosperity.

The striking doors portray ancestral figures to protect the property and the people inside. In recent years, these unique doors have become highly sought after and popular specialist collector’s items.

The Dogon people are justifiably famous for their unique doors. Whether complex or plain, figurative or abstract, solid or weathered by the elements and use, all are constructed of 2-3 wood panels joined by iron clips. All of the doors would make great additions to a household and can be hung as wall pieces or mounted on bases as sculptures.  

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