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Cute mini version of the classic African market baskets in natural colour. Great for carrying light & small items, as a decorative piece around the house, or for the little ones when they go shopping.

This woven basket is the perfect African market basket.
Basket Details:
Material: Elephant Grass, Leather
Dimensions: 19cm x 21 cm (width x height) – height excludes handle


Closed weave: A solid, tight weave throughout the basket
Open wave (available for natural colour only): The basket will feature design gaps between sections of solid tight weaving.
Our small African market basket is hand-woven from the elephant grass which grows in the rich flood plains of the White Volta near the village of Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana. Equipped with durable leather handles.
We include a care and shaping guide to keep your market basket looking its best.

Are your natural baskets sustainable?
Our entire range of African market baskets are individually hand woven by our creative weavers in Ghana. The raw elephant grass is a 100% sustainable natural material. The grass is harvested, dried and finally boiled to dye. The weavers split each length into two then roll it to give it more strength. Each weaver has their own special techniques. Baskets may take 3 days to one week to make depending on the size, design and intricacy of the patterns.


What is the difference between closed weave and open weave?
Closed weave is a solid, tight weave throughout the Bolga basket, whereas our open weave Bolga baskets will feature design gaps between sections of solid tight weaving. Check out our entire range of open and closed woven African market baskets here!

Do you have the same style baskets but in different colours?
We sure do!  To choose your preferred colours you can select from our range of handmade small market baskets in a colour of your choice here.
We also have a range of uniquely named Small African baskets, each with an individual style you can choose from.

Do you have other styles of natural baskets with handles?
Yes we do, please check out our range of Long handle market baskets along with our Standard African baskets available in natural too!
We also have vegan oval baskets which are a perfect leather free alternative for shopping!

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Basket Handle






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