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  • Tingsha sound healing instruments

    Tingsha Cymbals

    AU $44.00

    Made of thick 100% brass, these Cymbals create a beautifully clear, high-pitched sound when struck together.
    Available in decorated or non  decorated styles.
    The Tingsha are traditional instruments used in Tibetan Buddhist practice. Great for signalling the beginning or end of a healing session. Multiple pairs of Tingsha can be played together to weave an exquisite sonic tapestry.
    Diameter 7cm | Height 2cm

    Please note: Decorative elements may vary, photos are for reference

  • The Vajra bell

    Vajra Meditation Bell

    AU $59.00

    The Vajra bell is commonly used in tantric Buddhism, and its sound is believed to drive out evil spirits from the place where the ritual is being performed.

    Medium: Diameter 8cm | Height 14cm – in stock.
    Large: Diameter 10cm | Height 18cm – currently out of stock.

    Decorative elements may vary, photos are for reference.