Top five gift ideas

1.Bolga baskets

Our baskets are by far the most popular items we sell and with good reason. Made to last, our baskets can be used for a variety of purposes. We offer many different colour combinations and shapes – ranging from round, large and small sizes, there’s a basket to suit anyone!


2.Masks or artefacts

Do you have a friend of relative who has a passion for traditional art? As Australia’s only dedicated West African gallery, we stock some of the most unique and interesting art, masks and artefacts you’ve ever seen. We personally source each individual product from West African artists and craftsmen, so you can guarantee your gift will be one in a million!

3.Textiles (Batiks, mudcloth and blankets)

We have a variety of textile products to suit everyone. Whether it’s a beautiful Batik to hang on the wall, a handwoven blanket or a hand-stitched and hand-dyed mudcloth piece, you won’t find textiles quite as unique as ours. It’s the perfect gift for that friend or relative who already has everything, you can bet they don’t own a one of a kind West African textile!


Affordable and beautiful, you won’t be able to pass on our great assortment of jewellery. We stock a wide variety of hand crafted bracelets, necklaces and earings made from different genuine matierals such as beads, bronze and leather.

jewellery bashiri


With a diverse selection of styles including: shoulder, carry, wallets and satchels, we’ve got a bag to suit everyone! One of our many bags would make the idea gift for a fashion enthusiast who likes to stand out in the crowd. Our bags are made from high quality materials such as mudcloth or leather, and are adorned with bold african style patters that will catch anyone’s eye!