Kalimba (Thumb Piano)


Kalimba (thumb piano), handmade in Burkina Faso from natural calabash gourd, recycled food tins and reclaimed wood, with recycled steel hardware. Featuring flame-etched artwork in the wooden face and gourd.

Small (4-5 Notes) Approx. 7cm diameter x 5cm depth
Large (7 Notes) Approx. 17cm diameter x 8cm depth
Extra Large (10-11 Notes) Approx. 23cm diameter x 11cm depth

Artwork varies. Pictures provided for reference only. Sale is for one unit.

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The kalimba is a westernized version of a traditional plucked instrument from Zimbabwe called an mbira. Similar instruments such as njari and zanzu have existed all over Africa for thousands of years. The metal tines are tunable, so you can play however you like! Simply sliding the tines up or down to adjust the pitch. When a tine is plucked, the adjacent tines also vibrate. This increases the harmonic complexity of each note in an interesting and pleasant way.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Extra Large, Large, Small