36cm Ceremonial Gong – Pensri

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This authentic ceremonial gong is hand hammered from fine German Silver.

Low note: 186Hz F#3+9c
Suitable For: Heart Chakra
Dimensions: Diameter 35.6cm / 14″| Height: 7cm
Striker: 21cm | Gong weight: 0.8kg.
Comes with a heavy mallet.

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The raised boss in the centre of the gong is struck to produce a resonant sound. A different note is created by striking elsewhere on the gong. The harder a gong is played, the more its surface is activated, resulting in the whole surface loudly resonating with many layers of reverberation.

Some practitioners believe certain frequencies can focus on specific areas of the body, contributing to the healing of certain ailments.
If you want to target specific chakras, choose a gong based on its tonal frequencies.

Please note that the striker colour may vary.

Watch this instrument in action below

Chakras guide

Pair a sound frequency with its chakra centre, using our quick guide below.
If you can’t find the frequency on this list, just halve or double a frequency, until it falls in one of the ranges below – it’ll give the same note an octave up or down.
Here are examples:

Crown: 229.5-249.5Hz | Third Eye: 204-229.5Hz
Throat: 187-204Hz | Heart: 172-187Hz
Navel: 153-172Hz | Sacral: 136-153Hz| Base: 124.5-136Hz

Example 1: Take 108Hz. 108 x 2 = 216Hz … Third Eye Chakra.
Example 2: Take 972Hz. 972 / 2 = 486HZ. 486 / 2 = 243Hz … Crown Chakra.

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm