One of our most popular and versatile Bolga Baskets, the oval basket is perfect as a market or shopping basket, as well as being a perfect storage basket for the home, beach or garden. Their compact oval shape makes them fit into tight spaces and the leather handles provides convenient and durable portability. The oval bolga basket is woven in a “single weave” style making them quite rigid and sturdy. They are a medium to large bolga basket, available in a range of vibrant colours including natural. We also stock a large collection of Vegan Oval baskets with no leather, made from the same time honoured weaving traditions.
Our Oval Baskets are hand-woven from the sustainably sourced elephant grass that grows in the rich flood plains around the village of Bolgatanga in Ghana, West Africa. The soft malleable grass is 100% locally sourced and the dyes we use to colour the baskets are 100% non toxic. Our oval baskets use sustainably sourced goats leather for the convenient and sturdy carry handles. We have been working with the local weaving community for 2 decades and support several families in their artistic weaving tradition.

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