Songye shields

The Songye people are a Bantu ethnic group from the central Democratic Republic of the Congo. Migrating from the Sheba area to the southern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, on the banks of the Lualaba River,  the Songye settled in the savannah and forested plateau. The Songye follow a patriarchal society and are economically sustained by farming.  A central chief known as Yakitenge governs […]

African interior design and home decor

African decorating ideas are taking over the interior design world. While each and every country in Africa has its unique style, interior design ideas usually incorporate neutral, earth tones combined with vibrant splashes of colour. African decor is inspired by nature, wild animals, colorful fabrics and wood carvings. Designers are inspired by African culture for […]

Four interesting West African Christmas traditions

Although the very first version of Christianity was purely western, the religion has greatly evolved to embrace African traditions giving birth to religious ceremonies with a native touch. The following African traditions have successfully taken root in the festivity culture now knocking on our doors! Yuletide Traditions in West African Although the roots of this […]

Wholesale Handbag Sale

Are you looking for the perfect unique gift for that special someone? This Christmas we are giving our loyal wholesaler clients an exclusive handbags offer! The following bags, clutches and pouches have been discounted significantly just for you! Buy them individually or buy in bulk, but hurry these amazing prices will not last! Modern Kente […]

How countries in West Africa celebrate Christmas

With Christmas is just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at how different countries in West Africa celebrate the holiday. Christianity has been on the continent since the middle of the first century, and approximately 350 million Africans follow the religion. By now people have developed their own unique holiday traditions that […]

Types of West African Masks

There are a huge variety of mask types found in West Africa. Masks range from very detailed and accurate figures to the very abstract, and can be classified into the following basic types. Face mask This most common mask type is used throughout West Africa. They can be secured to the face in several ways. […]

West African beads

From colonial times to the present day, the main area of glass bead manufacture is West Africa. Ghana is regarded as the Bead Production Capital of the World. We hand pick our beads with an eye for quality and beauty from our long standing trade partner Mohammad, who trades from Agbogbloshie Market in greater Accra, the capital […]

Bwa people of Burkina Faso

The Bwa or Bwaba (plural), or Bobo-Wule (Bobo-Oule), are an ethnic group indigenous to central Burkina Faso. They are known for their use of masks, made from leaves or wood, used in performative rituals. Burkina Faso is a small, landlocked country north of Ghana and south of Mali and Niger. Culturally, it is extremely rich. In […]

Bolga Basket Care Guide

Your fresh and fabulous basket will be flat packed and will need some life breathed into it. The good news is that the care instructions are simple. Soak the basket. This can be done in the sink, bath or under the shower. Work the reed. The reed becomes malleable when soaked. Work them gently and start forming […]