Archive | February, 2016

Sélim Harbi – Behind the masks in West Africa

Documentary photographer and filmmaker Sélim Harbi, is passionate about the African continent, its history and cultures. He is the co-founder of Afreekyama; a pan-african photojournalism and multimedia storytelling collective. In 2014 he spent nine months working on his photo series: ‘Woongo, Behind the Masks.’ Woongo is the term used for “masks” in the Mooré language, spoken […]

Fang masks and sculptures

The Fang ethnic group is part of the greater Bantu tribe of central Africa, which includes the countries Guinea, Cameroon and Gabon. Previously, the Fang people migrated around central Africa. Today, Fang mainly inhabit the hot rain forests of Gabon and make up 80% of the Gabonese population. Due of their nomadic ways, the Fang are known for […]

Eight interesting facts about the Yoruba people

The Yoruba are an ethnic group of southwestern Nigeria and southern Benin in West Africa who share a rich history and culture. Here are eight interesting facts about the traditional Yoruba culture: 1. According to Yoruba mythology, all Yoruba people are descendants from the hero Odua or Oduduwa. 2. The language of the Yorubas, known as Yoruba, […]