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Kassena ethnic group

In the south of Burkina Faso near the border with Ghana lies a small village of about 1.2 hectares, called Tiébélé. This is home of the Kassena people, who are part of the wider ethnic group known as Gurunsi. Kassena societies are made up mainly of farmers without social or political stratification. The group has no […]

Mossi ethnic group

The Mossi people make up the largest ethnic group in Burkina Faso and the second-largest ethnic group in the Ivory Coast, living mostly in the villages of the Naoinon and Nakanbe river basin. In 1996, the estimated population of Burkina Faso was 10,623,323, with five to six million estimated to be  Mossi or of Mossi […]

Songye shields

The Songye people are a Bantu ethnic group from the central Democratic Republic of the Congo. Migrating from the Sheba area to the southern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, on the banks of the Lualaba River,  the Songye settled in the savannah and forested plateau. The Songye follow a patriarchal society and are economically sustained by farming.  A central chief known as Yakitenge governs […]

African interior design and home decor

African decorating ideas are taking over the interior design world. While each and every country in Africa has its unique style, interior design ideas usually incorporate neutral, earth tones combined with vibrant splashes of colour. African decor is inspired by nature, wild animals, colorful fabrics and wood carvings. Designers are inspired by African culture for […]