Archive | October, 2015

Bolga Baskets and other Bolga products

Hand-woven from the elephant grass that grows in the rich flood plains of the White Volta near the village of Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana, these baskets are our most popular product. Equipped with durable leather handles they’re perfect for shopping, in the garden and around the home. We include a care and shaping guide to keep […]

Colonial Statues from Ivory Coast

Colonial statues are a genre of wooden figurative sculpture within African Art which originated during the colonial period. The statues commonly depict European colonial officials such as civil servants, doctors, soldiers or technicians or Europeanised middle-class Africans. They are often characterised by recurrent decorative motifs, such as suits, official uniforms or tobacco pipes, and are painted in bright or glossy colours with […]

Dogon doors from Mali

The Dogon people of Central Mali are best known for their religious traditions, wood work and architecture. Due to the spiritual intent behind their craft, it has remained one of the most authentic in Africa. Dogon doors are intricately carved masterpieces from one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world. Traditionally used as granary […]

Bogolan (Mudcloth) from Mali

Bogolan means ‘made from mud’ in Bambara, the main language of Mali. The Bogolan technique of dyeing and printing cotton is entirely organic and kind to the environment. It contains no harmful mordants or chemicals as the dye is made from dried leaves and tree bark. Bogolan is the quintessential West African textile, also called […]